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New hearing solutions can shift/change your life dramatically. Hear more clearly in groups and noisy situations so you don't have to sit on the sidelines.

Cutting-edge technology

This is our challange - visit us for a seminar/demo so you can try the newest technology before you buy. You won't believe your ears. Put an end to your isolation.

Flexible payment options

By choosing us, You may save you as much as $5000 on your next set of hearing aids.

  • Competitive pricing and payment options to accommodate your budget
  • Veterans’ (DVA) TAPS cards and WCB service
  • Seniors’ discounts


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Take Advantage of Our October to November 15 Pricing

Intuitive clear performance was now $3395 (for the set)

Peter Landry
Audiologist with 19 years experience

Laura MacNeil