WIDEX's DRY-GO UV™ is a drying station that electronically dries a hearing aid or earmould, while killing 99.9 per cent of fungi, germs and bacteria. The full cleaning solution also means better care for the hearing aid and requiring less repair.

It also allows the hearing aid to have optimal performance because this easy-to-use product takes just three hours to sanitize and dry the hearing aid or earmould. If used daily it provides better acoustic performance, reliability and ear hygiene.

CROS is for clients who are fully deaf in one ear, but their other ear has normal hearing. BICROS is for clientele who have no hearing in the one ear and a degree of hearing loss in the other.


The DRY-GO UV™ also comes with a travel case and is powered by a standard outlet or USB for portability. It is a great product for the protection of your hearing investment that also provides a greater peace of mind.

Aside from being a good-looking product it also has great sound quality, but there are also no echoes or distortion. Through wirelessly transmitting sound to the better ear from the deaf one CROS lessens what's know as the shadow effect, which in turn reduces any detrimental effects.

Other advantages offered by the DRY-GO UV electronic drying station are:

  1. Perfect drying by the convective flow of warm air
  2. Handling is easy through the touch of the sensor button
  3. Automatic room temperature modulation
  4. Automatically turns off following the three-hour drying process
  5. Safe and energy efficient


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